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White Gold vs Platinum Diamond Jewellery

14th May 2021

by Admin

white gold rings

If you are looking to buy a piece of jewellery, you will need to consider precious metals. White gold and platinum tend to be popular choices for engagement rings and wedding rings because of their elegant and versatile bright white appearance. But what is the difference between the two? We debate platinum vs white gold to reveal the differences between these two similar-looking metals.

What is platinum?

Platinum is a beautiful, naturally white metal. Compared to other metals used within jewellery, it can be expensive. Why is platinum more expensive? Platinum is rarer than gold, and the colour is naturally occurring. Unlike gold, platinum is found in an almost pure form within jewellery, whereas gold gets its colour through being alloyed with other metals. It is also known as a luxury metal - once reserved for the rich and famous. 

Pros of platinum gold

  • Rarer than gold

  • More durable

  • Heavier metal

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Symbol of prestige

White gold vs platinum price

If you are wondering whether to choose platinum or white gold for your jewellery, there are a few things that may influence your decision. Price may be one of those factors. How expensive is platinum? Platinum is significantly more expensive than white gold. Platinum engagement rings cost from £400 for a simple plain setting to upwards of £1500 for a vintage-style piece.

White gold vs platinum durability

Platinum is significantly more durable than white gold, making it a good choice for those who use their hands a lot or lead an active lifestyle. It is also a heavier metal than white gold. If both metals are taken care of properly, they will remain in the same beautiful condition for a lifetime.

White gold vs platinum colour and care

As platinum is a naturally white metal, it doesn’t rely on a combination of different metals to create its hue. White gold, on the other hand, does. White gold is made from a mixture of yellow gold and silvery-white alloy metals such as nickel. Because of this, a yellow sheen may be visible after some time. Therefore, white gold jewellery should be professionally polished and rhodium-plated to maintain its colour.

White gold vs platinum sensitive skin

Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal because it gets its colour naturally. Unlike white gold, platinum does not get its white colour from alloy metals such as nickel. Nickel can cause an allergic reaction or discomfort for those with sensitive skin. As nickel is present within white gold, it is advisable to get white gold diamond rings rhodium plated to minimise contact between your skin and nickel.

Platinum vs gold

To the naked eye, platinum and white gold look very similar to each other. White gold engagement rings are popular for many reasons. One reason is that the bright white appearance of the metal complements diamonds beautifully. Plus, white gold is more affordable than platinum, so it is a good option for those on a budget.

Pros of white gold

  • More affordable than platinum

  • Complements diamonds

  • Stronger than yellow gold

  • Popular for engagement rings

White gold or platinum? There are pros and cons to both of our favourite white metals, and both tend to be popular choices for engagement rings and wedding rings. To learn more about metals, head to our metal education guide or browse our selection of white gold diamond rings and platinum diamond rings.

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