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Types and styles of earrings

9th November 2021

by Tara W.

A beautiful pair of diamond earrings are a staple in any jewellery box. They first originated back in 500 B.C and have evolved throughout history to become a fashionable accessory. These days there are many types and styles of earrings to choose from - from delicate studs to stunning journey earrings, the options are endless. Are you wondering what types of earrings are there? In this article, we reveal the types and styles of earrings.

No matter the recipient, the first thing you need to consider is the style of diamond earrings. There are plenty of types to choose from, and the style you choose should depend on your personality and when you intend on wearing them. Here are the different earring styles explained:

Diamond stud earrings

Diamond stud earrings are the most classic earring style of them all and are perfect for any occasion. This style matches any outfit to perfection and adds just the right amount of sparkle, making them ideal for updating your work outfit, cocktail dress or casual style. Plus, you can also customise diamond studs by choosing the desired carat weight and diamond shape to suit your taste.

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Diamond hoop earrings

Diamond hoop earrings are a luxury take on a classic style. Hoop earrings are circular earrings that connect through the earlobe. They can be plain or diamond-adorned and come in various sizes, from small and delicate to statement pieces. Diamond hoops provide several styling options and, like studs, can easily be worn both day or night. If you have multiple piercings, hoop earrings look great paired with diamond studs for an eclectic finish.

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Diamond drop earrings

Diamond drop earrings hang below the earlobe and typically feature a small round or pear-shaped diamond. There is a wide range of diamond drop earring styles to choose from. From delicate diamond drop earrings to more daring statement styles, there is something to meet every taste. Due to their elegant charm, diamond drop earrings tend to be reserved for formal occasions such as weddings or special events.


Diamond journey earrings

Diamond journey earrings consist of a straight line of diamonds that fall below the earlobe. Depending on the style, the diamonds can be the same size or descend in size to create a beautiful line of sparkle on the ear. Just like journey pendants, diamond journey earrings symbolise dreams, adventures, and journeys spent in life, making them great for gifts.

How to style earrings

Styling diamond earrings is easy, as there are no rules. You can be as creative as you want, and if you have multiple piercings, you can easily tap into the multiple-earring trend. Typically it is best to start with the largest earring first such as a hoop or drop earring and decrease the earring size as it goes around the ear.

For work, a simple pair of diamond stud earrings keep it professional and elegant. To elevate your everyday outfits, combine hoop earrings and studs in your multiple piercings. For evening add some glamour with a pair of diamond drop or journey earrings. 

What are the most popular types of earrings?

By far, the most popular type of earrings is diamond stud earrings. It is the versatility of diamond studs that makes them so coveted. They are perfect for both day or night and provide plenty of styling options. 1ct diamond studs tend to be the most popular as they provide just the right amount of sparkle and tend to work well with any outfit.

For help and advice choosing the right pair of diamond earrings contact us or head into a live chat. 

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