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Diamond Engagement Rings.

To choose the right diamond engagement ring, it’s helpful to understand the different designs and settings available, such as classic styles like solitaire, trilogy, halo, and cluster. Also consider the shape of the diamond: do you prefer a round cut, or oval, pear, or even marquise? There are many styles and shapes to suit every taste, so take your time looking at inspiration.

Aside from the style of the ring, it’s important to research the role of the 4 C’s (colour, cut, clarity, and carat) in the value and appearance of the diamond. Understanding what makes each diamond unique and what your budget will afford you will help you narrow down and make the right decision. The choice of metal will also have an impact on the way the ring looks and its price, so take a look at our metal guide to help you on your search!

In the UK, the average carat of a diamond engagement ring is between 0.5 to 1 carat. But when it comes to diamonds, bigger doesn’t not always mean better or more valuable. Two diamonds of a similar carat can look very different, depending on their cut. A larger carat diamond with a poor cut grade may appear smaller than a diamond of the same size with a higher cut grade.

If you are looking for a larger diamond at a budget, you can opt for a lower diamond quality in terms of colour and clarity; a higher carat diamond with a good cut can outshine a lower colour grade or inclusions. But if size is less important, you may prefer to choose a more valuable, smaller diamond that has a high quality cut, clarity, and colour grading. There is no one-size-fits-all diamond engagement ring: the best size carat depends on personal preference.

The shape of a diamond in an engagement ring depends on personal preference, as there are many classic and contemporary styles to choose from.

The most popular style is the round brilliant cut, which generates the highest amount of sparkle thanks to its many facets – the reason why it has stood the test of time. Another timeless shape is the vintage cushion cut, which features rounded corners and large facets to increase brilliance. A less common yet equally timeless option is the marquise cut, which was commissioned by Louis XIV of France and is perfect for those looking to maximise carat weight with a larger-looking stone.

If you prefer a more modern look, the princess cut is a versatile square-shaped diamond that dazzles with beautiful simplicity. The radiant cut is a relatively recent addition to the family that has an ageless appeal reminiscent of the round cut’s brilliance combined with a contemporary square shape. The options for engagement ring customisation are endless!

The price of an engagement ring in the UK varies from region to region and age group, ranging from around £1,400 to £3,000+ on average. On the lower end, the average cost of diamond engagement rings is in the triple digits, climbing up to five digits at the higher end. If you’re looking for an exact benchmark, our own research suggests Brits spend on average £1,865 on an engagement ring.

The common theory is that an engagement ring should be worth between one to three months worth of your salary. This can be a helpful benchmark, but is by no means a hard and fast rule.

A more nuanced guideline is that the amount you spend on a diamond engagement ring should be based on your annual salary, monthly expenditure, current savings, and the amount of time you have to save money before proposing. Of course, the wearer's own preferences in terms of style, size, and cut should also factor into your final choice – there is no point in buying a bigger stone at your maximum budget if they would prefer something more subtle.

Our engagement ring budget calculator will help you set a budget based on what you can save before your proposal date.

Diamonds Factory rings are handmade with certified and ethically sourced diamonds, delivered to you at the best price. Our rings are made by us from beginning to end, skipping the middleman to save you up to 78% compared to traditional retailers.

Working with materials of the highest quality, we design and craft customisable pieces to help bring to life your dream diamond engagement ring at an unbeatable value.

With superior quality and craftsmanship and 100,000+ happy customers worldwide, we are the UK’s most trusted online jeweller. If you would like to talk to our jewellery experts, get in touch or book an appointment to visit our stores.