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What does a yellow diamond engagement ring mean?

26th May 2021

by Kundan Challa

yellow diamond engagement ring

It may be surprising to learn that diamonds come in a variety of colours. Yellow diamonds are one of the most popular diamond colours used within jewellery, such as engagement rings. The beautiful yellow hue is what attracts jewellery buyers to this fascinating type of diamond. But what does a yellow diamond engagement ring mean? We reveal yellow diamond meaning and the best yellow diamond rings in this article.

What are yellow diamonds?

Like colourless diamonds, yellow diamonds form in the same way - below the Earth's surface. It is the presence of nitrogen during the formation process that gives yellow diamonds their famous yellow hue. Unlike colourless diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds are prized for their intense colour. Because of this, yellow diamonds are assessed for colour in a different way to the colourless variety.

Yellow diamond origin

Yellow diamonds originate across the world like most other coloured diamonds. They are typically mined in Australia, India, Canada and Russia, with intense yellow coloured diamonds mainly found in South Africa. 

Yellow diamond meaning

yellow diamond meaning

Around the world, diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love and romance. That is why yellow diamonds are a good choice for engagement rings. The meaning of yellow diamonds is very similar, as yellow diamonds symbolise optimism, love and happiness. Yellow is considered a cheerful and fun colour that is also associated with intellect, wisdom and knowledge.

Yellow diamond engagement ring meaning

If you are considering a beautiful yellow diamond engagement ring, it is a great choice. Not only are yellow diamonds rare and unique, but they are also very symbolic worn within engagement rings. Yellow diamonds represent love, happiness and optimism, while yellow diamond engagement rings mean the beginning or the continuation of a long and happy relationship.

How to choose a yellow diamond engagement ring

If you are looking for a piece of yellow diamond jewellery, such as an engagement ring, here are some things you should consider. 

Yellow diamond colour

Colour is the most important thing to consider when buying a piece of yellow diamond jewellery. As yellow diamonds are coloured diamonds, they are graded as 'Fancy'. Therefore they are not assessed for colour using the D-Z diamond colour grading scale. Unlike colourless diamonds, where the presence of colour negatively impacts their value, the opposite happens with fancy-colour diamonds. The value of yellow diamonds increases with the strength and vibrancy of their colour. Yellow diamonds are graded from 'Fancy Light' to 'Fancy Vivid', with 'Fancy Vivid' being the most intense hue and therefore most valuable. 

Yellow diamond shape

The most popular yellow diamond shapes are fancy diamond shapes such as cushion, oval and pear. One of the reasons fancy shapes are favoured over round yellow diamonds is because their faceting creates a more intense colour when viewed front-facing. These shapes also provide a beautiful vintage-style finish for engagement rings.

Best yellow diamond engagement rings

The most popular yellow diamond engagement rings tend to be yellow diamond halo rings, with an oval, pear or cushion-cut diamond centre. White gold and platinum are the most popular metal choice for yellow diamonds because of the striking contrast between the white metal and the yellow diamond. That said, the best yellow diamond engagement ring matches the personality and taste of the recipient. 

To learn more about the fascinating yellow diamond, head to our gemstone education guide.

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