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What Makes Eternity Rings So Special

23rd October 2015

by Amey M

Viewed as a symbol of unending love, the diamond eternity ring has stood the test of time as one of the more historic ring designs. The meaning of “eternity” comes from the idea of the circular band representing infinity. It’s a deeply romantic thought - the idea of infinity and love being linked together in union. 

The original ring of luxury

There is one thing that eternity rings are always known for; pure luxury. Eternity rings take a considerable amount of skill to craft, due to how many diamonds are involved in the ring’s design, which only add to the ring’s romantic look and feel.

Taking into account the metal that creates the structure of the band, the full eternity ring is the closest you can get to a ring entirely made of diamonds. The half eternity rings still carry the same kind of luxurious effect in their designs, but the bottom is pure metal for practical reasons. 

Diamond Half Eternity Ring

When people choose to wear them

Eternity rings have been bought for a variety of different occasions, including the birth of a new baby, or to add a new ring for those who would like to add to their collection. Most commonly, they make a great choice for anniversary gifts, as the idea of eternity or everlasting time is a perfect fit to celebrate the years that have gone by when celebrating the anniversary of your loved one.

How the eternity ring is designed

With diamonds encrusted all around the metal band, eternity rings have a remarkable sparkle that shines around the band when viewed from most angles. The diamonds come in different sizes and styles, with large diamonds set in a row or with much smaller diamonds creating a more understated look but allowing the lustre of the diamonds to still shine through when viewed from a distance. They’re very noticeable from a distance, and are perfect to combine with other rings.

Diamond Half Eternity Rings

Minimalism and glamour

Eternity rings add remarkable texture to the hand; allowing you to contrast it with other plain bands. In comparison to the classic single solitaire, which features a single diamond on the top, eternity rings tend to land much more on the side of subtlety; for those who want to own diamond rings but prefer something daintier or minimalistic, with smaller diamonds. 

Eternity rings can also feature bigger diamonds like engagement rings which can be arranged in a row, for a ring that will be sure to capture everyone’s attention, only this time with more than one diamond involved.  

Full Eternity Diamond Rings

Finding the right styles

Take time out to really find out what kinds of styles are visually appealing to you; eternity rings are really only the beginning of the journey. It’s even more important to get the details exactly right with a ring that is so complicated to craft yet visually stunning. 


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