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What is a Halo Ring?

17th January 2021

by Kundan Challa

what is a halo ring

Elegant, timeless and full of sparkle, halo rings are one of the most coveted ring designs. Whether it be a halo engagement ring or a beautiful gemstone halo ring, halo setting styles are guaranteed to be a winner. But what is a halo ring? In this article, we reveal what a halo ring is, the history behind it and the types of ring you can buy. 

What is a halo engagement ring?

A halo ring is a setting style where a ‘halo’ of diamonds encircle the entire middle stone. The centre stone tends to be a diamond or a coloured gemstone, and what you choose should be entirely based on your taste and preferences. Both diamond halo engagement rings and gemstone halo rings are popular for marriage proposals.

History and origin of halo rings

halo engagement ring

Halo rings originated many years ago and have a rich history. Halo style rings originated from the early Georgian period (1714-1837), where rings were embellished with smaller diamonds or pearls surrounding the centre stone. In the Victorian era, halo rings were also very popular with the most coveted style being one that resembles a flower. 

Why buy a halo ring?

The benefits of buying a halo ring are that the setting style makes any centre stone appear larger. For example, if you choose a diamond halo ring, the addition of the surrounding diamonds make it appear as though there is just one large diamond. Halo rings are great if you are on a budget but looking for the most impressive ring you can buy. Whether you choose a gemstone halo ring or a diamond halo ring, both styles have a glamorous appearance, and the addition of surrounding diamonds creates a dazzling finish that is loved by many.

Types of halo engagement rings

There are a few types and options to choose from if you are looking for a halo engagement ring for your loved one. Choose whether you want a diamond halo engagement ring or a gemstone halo engagement ring. You can then select the best precious metal such as rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum to complement your chosen centre stone.

Diamond halo engagement rings

A diamond halo engagement ring is a great choice if you are looking to propose. If you are on a budget but still want to impress, diamond halo rings give the illusion of one larger stone due to the intricate diamonds that encircle the centre stone. A halo ring with diamonds ultimately provides plenty of sparkle which is guaranteed to make your significant other happy. 


Gemstone halo engagement rings

Gemstone halo engagement rings have a beautiful vintage appearance. They have been in and out of popularity for many years, but luckily they are back in fashion thanks to Kate Middleton’s beautiful sapphire halo engagement ring. With a gemstone halo ring, intricate diamonds surround the coloured gemstone to create an impressive contrast. Sapphire may be the most popular choice for this style, but we think emerald and ruby engagement rings are also perfect for a marriage proposal.

Best diamond shape for halo engagement rings

halo diamond ring

If you are considering buying a halo engagement ring, you will need to choose a diamond shape. Typically fancy diamond shapes are favoured for halo rings as they have a unique, vintage appearance. Think beautiful cushion cut diamonds, emerald, pear cut diamonds and oval halo engagement rings. Of course, the one you choose should be based on preference.

Can you resize a halo ring?

It is possible to resize a halo ring, although resizing any ring can have risks. If you have a halo ring with side stones on the band, it can be trickier to resize, but we always recommend going to a reputable jeweller to get your diamond ring resized so that no damage is caused. 

A halo ring is a great choice for an engagement ring or as a gift to yourself or someone special. This beautiful ring style is unlikely to go out of style so it will remain a jewellery box staple for years to come.

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