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The Most Popular Engagement Rings of 2017 so Far

25th May 2017

by Amey M

Engagement Rings Trends

The task of buying an engagement ring can feel daunting. This single piece of jewellery is a physical statement of your love for your partner and a symbol of your commitment to one another – plus, they have to wear it forever so you’ll want to choose the right one!  

Sometimes, it helps to take a look at what is trending and which style is proving the most popular to help with your choice. That’s why we’ve put together a quick round up of the top five most popular engagement rings of 2017 so far, purchased here on the Diamonds Factory site - and why we think they’re stealing hearts everywhere: 

5 – Matching Sets 
In at number five, to make things a little easier (and save on a shopping trip later) many people are opting for matching sets, featuring both the engagement and wedding band.
Not only does this ensure the rings complement each other perfectly, it also guarantees there are no awkward fits later as they slot together without any issues. Styles varied but white gold was a recurring theme throughout people's purchases as clean, classic looks continue to prove popular in jewellery. 

Vintage Engagement Ring

4 – Three Stone 
Three stone engagement rings are there for when one diamond just isn’t enough. These unusual engagement rings are head turners that catch the light with numerous diamonds to glimmer and sparkle. They look great with plain wedding bands, allowing their bold designs to speak for themselves. 

Three Stone Engagement Ring

3 – Halo 
Midway on the popularity table, with 10% of people selecting this ring style, the halo engagement ring makes a bold statement and surprisingly a heart shaped diamond topped the charts for this style in yellow gold.  

Halo Engagement Ring

2 – Side Stone 
A round or princess diamond, set among side detailing of smaller diamonds, came second place in the popularity stakes in 2017 so far, with 29% of people purchasing this style. Elegant white gold designs proved the most popular, with round cuts seen on many purchases; perfect for brides-to-be who enjoy understated style. 

Side Stone Engagement Ring

1 – Classic Solitaire 
As the old say goes, ‘If it ain't broke, don’t fix it’, and it seems to apply to the Classic Solitaire engagement ring with 51% of people opting to purchase this beautiful style in 2017 over all other designs. This traditional ring style has been around since De Beers encouraged more men to purchase diamond engagement rings back in the 1940s and doesn’t look like diminishing in popularity any time soon. 

Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you are now looking for the perfect engagement ring, be sure to read our education section here on the site which aims to offer guidance when it comes to making that special purchase. 


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