The ABC of Diamond Necklaces

17th November 2017 by Amey M

Diamond Necklace

Oh, necklaces! What can we say about them besides them being the perfect finishing touch for every look? They are game changers, being able to make an outfit change from plain to #OOTD worthy.

There is a lot to learn about necklaces, from various types and shapes to different ways of wearing them so, following our previous post about bracelets, we decided to do one for this versatile jewellery item.

Different Necklaces Styles:

-Chain: a linked-metal necklace that, just like a bracelet, comes in a variety of styles like box, snake, wheat, box, figaro or rope. It can be worn solo or with a pendant.

-Pearl: a string of pearls derived from pearl oysters and molluscs that can be made in different lengths. This necklace became a classic thanks to Coco Chanel, who was renowned for wearing several pearl necklaces at a time.

-Choker: this style has the particularity of fitting comfortably around the middle of the neck that can be made of leather, metal or variety of materials. Famous in the 90’s, this necklace made a strong comeback a few years ago and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

-Pendant: a charm that hangs from a necklace. With a variety of materials, diamond pendants are a classic, while gemstones can add a pop of colour.  They are great for stacking.

Diamond Pendants

Bib: as you can imagine from its name, this necklace resembles a baby bib and fits perfectly at the collar. Usually adorned with different stones and beads, they are perfect as a statement piece that can add joy to any look.

Collar: this type of necklaces imitates the shape of the neckline of a button-down shirt. Fitting perfectly at the collar, it is a great choice to level up a simple white shirt and blue jeans look.

Multi-strand: one clasp with multiple chains that usually has a cascade look. This one can be made in one material or in a combination of them making them a versatile choice. They look amazing with a U-shaped top and can be worn as a reverse necklace too.

Diamond: this one is the most special of the bunch. A row of identical or similar diamond shapes just like the tennis bracelet that sits perfectly at the collar and gives any look the perfect amount of sparkle. Wear it with a LBD and you will be ready for any occasion.

Tennis Bracelet



Which necklace goes with which neckline?

Roll or Turtle Neck: this type of neck goes perfectly with a long necklace since it will make your torso visually elongated. It can be a pearl necklace or a statement pendant the important thing is that the length of the necklace reaches at least at the height of the bust.

Crew Neck: since this type of neck has a close fitting round the neck, a bib necklace would be the ideal choice. Also, this type of necklace can add personality to a classic grey cashmere jumper or catch all the eyes on top of a black dress.

Strapless: this is one of the most versatile necklines since almost any necklace goes well with it. Ideally, it should be a statement piece that can be seen from every angle. 

Back Cleavage: a reverse necklace would be, of course, the perfect choice.  It can be a multi-strand necklace or you could stack all your favourite chain and pendant necklaces backwards, just like Coco Chanel who used to wear her pearl necklaces like that. Ideally, if you have long hair, you should pull your hair into a messy bun to show off this stylish look.

Necklaces are a must item on anyone’s jewellery box, making any look stand out. We have a vast selection of necklaces and pendants, take a look at our collection and find the one that will make your outfits feel even more specials.

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