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Royal Wedding: Everything You Need To Know

16th May 2018

by Amey M

Royal Wedding

 This Saturday the anticipated Royal wedding is happening and we are sure the world will stop for a few hours to watch it. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finally getting married and we can’t stop wondering: What would Markle’s wedding dress look like? What time is Harry and Meghan’s wedding? And, what are the rules Meghan Markle has to follow?  We wrote this article with everything you need to know about royal weddings, so keep reading to find out!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wedding


. How old is Prince Harry?

He is 33 years old.

. What is Prince Harry’s real name?
His complete name is Henry Charles Albert David.


. How old is Meghan Markle?

She is 36 years old.


. Where was Meghan Markle born?

Los Angeles, California, U.S.


. Where are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married?

They are getting married at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle.


. What time is the Royal wedding?

The wedding service will start at 12 PM. To avoid any distractions and missing parts (nobody wants to go get a glass of water and miss a key moment!) this is the wedding ceremony timeline:

11.20AM: Members of the Royal family arrive.

11.45AM: Prince Harry and Duke of Cambridge arrive at St. George’s Chapel.

11.55AM: The Queen arrives.

11.59AM: Ms Meghan Markle arrives with her mother, bridesmaids and pageboys.

12 PM: The wedding service begins.

1.05PM: Carriage procession through the streets starts. It will last 25 minutes.


For more information, you can check the official website:



. Will the royal wedding be televised?

Yes, it will! This includes the wedding service and procession.  There are many places where you can go and watch the wedding on a big screen while you enjoy a glass of Prosecco. You can check them here.


Also, did you know that the first royal wedding to be televised was that of Princess Margaret and photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey in May 1960? Princess Diana and Princess Anne’s wedding are among the top 10 most watch events in the UK.



Rules they need to follow


§The bride must always wear white. Queen Victoria started this tradition in 1840.

Royal Bride In White


§There has to be an engagement announcement, where we usually have the first glimpse at their engagement ring. And it has to be followed by an official interview.

Royal Engagement Announcement


§They must take an official wedding portrait.  Can you imagine how cute Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will look?


§ The Queen is in charge of sending the invitations.


§The reception includes two cakes, fruitcake being the most traditional flavour. However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to go for a lemon elderflower cake with buttercream frosting and decorated with fresh flowers made by Claire Ptak, owner of London-based Violet bakery. Would they go for a 9 feet tall wedding cake like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip did? Or would they choose a smaller one?

Royal Wedding Cake


§The bride leaves her bouquet at the grave of the ‘Unknown Warrior’. The late Queen Mother started this tradition by placing hers when entering the chapel. Nowadays, brides leave their bouquets when they are leaving.

Royal Bride Bouquet

§The bouquet has to include a sprig of myrtle. Another tradition started by Queen Victoria. Myrtle is known as the ‘herb of love’.

Sprig Of Myrtle - Bouquet


§The bride always wears a tiara.


§All royal wedding bands contain Welsh gold. This started in 1923 with the wedding of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.


§The Royal Family pays for the wedding.


§ Member of the Royal family will sit on the right-side of the church during the ceremony, unless the groom is not royal, in which case they will sit on the left.


§ Royals can’t marry Catholics. The 1701 Act of Settlements prohibits royal from marrying Catholics in order to keep the Protestant heritage alive. Meghan Markle will be baptized into the Church of England before the wedding.


§Hats are mandatory for female guests. Who can forget about Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice’s hats for Kate and William’s royal wedding?

Royal Wedding - Hat Tradition


§You should expect two wedding receptions. One at noon and another in the evening.


§The Queen must give royals her permission to get married. The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 also requires it.


§The groom will wear his military regalia to the wedding.


§When you become a Royal, you can’t be active in politics. Royals are expected to show impartiality to public matters.


§Royals send a piece of their wedding cake as a ‘thank you’ to all their guests.

Royal Wedding souvenir


What type of jewellery will Meghan wear?


We know that Meghan is all about being discrete so we think she be choosing an understated alternative to Kate's tiara for hers. We also know she is a fan of yellow gold since her engagement ring had yellow gold band with a white shank. It will all depend on what the neckline of her wedding dress will look like. If it is something similar to Kate’s, we are guessing she will be wearing a pair of delicate diamond journey earrings. Instead, if she decides to go for a bolder neckline, she could be wearing a tennis necklace.


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