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Top 10 Extravagant Royal Engagement Rings

27th November 2017

by Amey M

Royal Engagement Rings

Have you heard? Prince Harry has announced his engagement with American actress Meghan Markle and we are over the moon about a royal wedding coming soon. But the first thing we thought was, ‘What about her engagement ring?” Would it be a sapphire like Princess Diana’s or Duchess Catherine’s? Or would it be an original? Until the picture of the two comes out we made a list of previous royal engagement rings that Harry could get inspired from.

The Queen Mother

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was engaged with the Duke of York who gave her a large sapphire stone with diamond accents engagement ring with a Welsh gold wedding band.

Unluckily there aren’t many pictures of her wearing it since she eventually decided to swap out her engagement ring for a large pearl and diamond ring which many think it might be the chosen one by Prince Harry.

Engagement Ring with a Gold Wedding Band

The Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson

This engagement ring expresses how powerful love could be since Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry divorced American Wallis Simpson. The chosen ring was a stunning 19.77-carat emerald ring with the words “We are ours now 27 x 36” inside.

Those numbers refer to the date he proposed to her, October 27, 1936.

Emerald Engagement Ring

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen’s engagement ring was a design Prince Phillip made from a tiara belonging to her mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg. He imagined a square-cut diamond engagement ring with diamond side stones set in platinum.

Although is not the Queen´s biggest jewel this ring has a sentimental and symbolic value and she wears it everyday till today, paired with her Welsh gold wedding band.

Princess Margaret

Anthony Armstrong-Jones designed Princess Margaret´s engagement ring from the beginning. Inspired by her middle name Rose, he thought about a ruby surrounded by diamonds emulating a rosebud.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

When Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana, he didn´t have a ring. She was given several ring options and ended choosing an 18-carat Ceylon sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds set in white gold, a shocking choice because instead of being a unique piece this ring belonged to a jewellery catalogue, meaning everybody could get it.

In a very romantic proposal during their holiday trip in Kenya, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the only ring he could have chosen: his mothers. Apart from being a stunning ring, it had a sentimental value that no other ring could have. After many people claiming that a ring from a failed marriage was being repurposed he said: “Obviously, she’s not going to be around to share in any of the fun and excitement of it all, so this is my way of keeping her sort of close to it all.”

Princess Anne

A classic sapphire set between two diamonds was the ring that Mark Phillips chose to propose to Princess Anne. She then got engaged to her second husband, Timothy Laurence, who gave her another sapphire ring with a cabochon stone flanked by three diamonds on each side.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson with a beautiful oval-cut Burmese ruby from Garrad jewellers (the same jeweller that did Princess Diana’s ring) because it matched the colour of her red hair. Afterward, ruby Engagement Rings were in trend.

Ruby Engagement Ring

Sophie Rhys Jones, Countess of Wessex

Prince Edward proposed to Sophie Rhys-Jones with a 2-carat oval diamond ring surrounded y two smaller heart-shaped gemstones, valued at around £112350. This ring was also from the royal favourite jeweller Garrand.

Oval Diamond Ring

Autumn Phillips

Queen Elizabeth II’s first grandchildren, Peter Phillips, proposed to Autumn Kelly at the 2003 Canadian Grand Prix with an oval-shaped diamond platinum ring with side stones.

Oval-Shaped Diamond Platinum Ring

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles proposed to Camilla Parker Bowles with a diamond that once belonged to the Queen Mother. Inspired by the Art Deco era, this engagement ring is one of the larger ones in the main royal family and it is also believed to be the most valuable.

Engagement Ring - Art Deco Era

Which style do you think Prince Harry went for? A royal classic sapphire or something completely different? While we wait for the reveal, you could browse our engagement rings selection to get more ideas. 


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