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Your Guide to Pre-Engagement Rings

18th December 2020

by Kundan Challa

pre engagement rings

From getting engaged to celebrating a wedding anniversary, there are many different stages in a couple's relationship. Some couples choose to give pre-engagement rings to show love and commitment to their significant other. It can be quite a big milestone for some, and there are many reasons why someone might choose a pre-engagement ring. In this guide to pre-engagement rings, we discuss the history behind them, what they look like and why you may want to choose one.

History of the pre-engagement ring

Pre-engagement rings are not a new idea, and there is a lot of history behind them. The history of pre-engagement rings goes back a long time. For example, in 16th Century England, posie rings, engraved with romantic poetry, would be given in a similar way to a pre-engagement ring. In 1970, the term "promise ring" became popular, with a similar concept to that of a pre-engagement ring, and the tradition of giving a ring before engagement still lives on today.

What is a pre-engagement ring?

pre engagement ring styles

A pre-engagement ring looks similar to an engagement ring. It usually features a diamond or multiple diamonds and can be of any style. The style you choose should be according to your partner's taste, preferences and your budget. However, you may prefer to spend less on a pre-engagement ring as it is a placeholder for the engagement ring.

What does a pre-engagement ring mean?

A pre-engagement ring means and symbolises love and commitment between two people. By giving a pre-engagement ring, it means that you are showing an intention to get married soon but without a set date. It gives you both enough time to plan the wedding for when the time is right, but with the understanding that you are both in a committed long-term relationship.

Difference between a pre-engagement ring and a promise ring?

Pre-engagement rings and promise rings are very similar as they are both used as placeholders for the engagement ring. What you choose to call the ring may be dependent on when you intend to get married. For example, if you don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, you may call the ring a promise ring, whereas if you plan to get married soon, you may call it a pre-engagement ring.

Promise rings and pre-engagement rings are usually worn on different fingers. It is acceptable to wear a promise ring on any finger as they symbolise no immediate intention to get married, whereas a pre-engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand in the UK.

Who buys a pre-engagement ring?

Anyone can buy a pre-engagement ring for their partner if they are planning to get married. You should feel ready to take the next step in your relationship as it is worn to symbolise a long-term relationship and the love and commitment you both share.

There are many types of couples who buy a pre-engagement ring. For example, high school sweethearts or graduates may choose a pre-engagement ring as it may be too soon or too expensive for them to marry straight away. Similarly, a couple who want to take their relationship more slowly but still want to symbolise love and commitment may also want to choose one.

Types of pre-engagement rings

There are many types of pre-engagement rings, and they vary massively in price and style. The one you choose for your significant other should suit their taste and preferences. 

Here are a few styles that are perfect for symbolising the meaning behind pre-engagement rings:

Heart diamond ring

heart diamond ring

What could symbolise love and commitment better than a heart diamond ring? This style is perfect as a pre-engagement ring, especially for those who are sentimental.

Solitaire diamond ring

solitaire diamond ring

A solitaire diamond ring is a traditional choice for an engagement ring, but it is also perfect as a pre-engagement ring. Diamonds symbolise a strong and everlasting love, which is why a solitaire diamond ring is a great choice. 

Gemstone diamond ring

gemstone diamond ring

If you want to differentiate the engagement ring from the pre-engagement ring, a gemstone engagement ring is a great choice. Choose from a variety of beautiful gemstones such as emerald, sapphire or ruby to create a pre-engagement ring that they will adore.

We offer a wide range of beautiful rings that are perfect for different milestones. Head to our diamond education guide for everything you need to know about diamonds or check out our ring size guide to find the perfect fit. 

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