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How to Wear Diamond Hoop Earrings

27th July 2021

by Candela Urrutia

Diamond hoop earrings are an elevated version of the plain gold hoop. Hoop earrings have long been a jewellery box staple. Why? They are incredibly versatile and provide a stylish touch to any outfit. Diamond hoops are a great way to add a hint of luxury every day. Hoop earrings are surprisingly easy to wear, and there are multiple styles to choose from. If you ever wondered how to wear diamond hoop earrings, we will explain it all in this article.

Are diamond hoops in style?

Yes, diamond hoops are in style and have been for many years. Plus, with so many diamond earring styles to choose from, it makes accessorising even easier. Diamond hoop earrings are a popular choice for day-to-night styling due to their versatility.

Types of diamond hoop earrings and how to wear them

Firstly, there are many types of diamond hoop earrings. The style of earrings you choose may depend on where you intend to wear them. Here we explain the different styles and the best way to wear them.

Diamond huggies

Diamond huggies are the smallest style of hoop earrings because they are intended to hug the earlobe. They tend to be wider than other hoops, so they fit neatly around the ear. Because they are discreet, they are super flattering and complement all face shapes and hair lengths. 

How to wear diamond huggies?

Diamond huggies work well worn both day and night and can be worn alone or paired with other earrings for an eclectic look. They also look great worn in any position on the ear and are often worn by celebrities on the ear cartilage for a high-fashion finish.

Small diamond hoops

Small diamond hoops typically measure between 8mm to 3mm. Their small size is perfect for adding a hint of sparkle to your outfit. Like huggies, small diamond hoops are versatile and look great worn alone or paired with other earrings. They tend to complement most face shapes and those with mid-length to long hair.

How to wear small diamond hoops?

Small diamond hoops are perfect for transitioning your style from day to night. They look great worn alone or in the first piercing paired with diamond studs. 

Medium diamond hoops

Medium diamond hoop earrings measure between 14mm to 40mm and are perfect for adding some glamour to your look. Hoop earrings of medium size are dressier than smaller hoop earrings. They complement most face shapes and those with longer hair.

How to wear medium diamond hoops?

Medium diamond hoops look great with most outfits depending on their thickness. Thicker styles pair perfectly with an evening dress or formal wear, whereas thinner styles look great with a casual weekend outfit.

Large diamond hoops

Large diamond hoop earrings usually measure between 41mm to 70mm. Because of their large size and incredible sparkle, large diamond hoops are a statement style. Large diamond hoops are an investment piece that looks great with an updo hairstyle. Their versatility means they complement all face shapes and hairstyles.

How to wear large diamond hoops?

Large diamond hoops make a statement. Pair with a beautiful dress and an updo hairstyle to upgrade your evening ensemble. If dresses aren't your thing, a fitted jumpsuit provides a contemporary finish paired with large diamond hoops.

No matter what size or style you choose, diamond hoop earrings are the modern accessory you've been searching for. For help selecting the perfect pair, contact us or head into a live chat.

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