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How to wear drop earrings

23rd July 2021

by Tara W.

Elegant, charming and full of sparkle, diamond drop earrings have long been a favourite eveningwear accessory. From delicate diamond drop earrings to statement styles, there is something to suit everyone. But how to wear drop earrings? We share our suggestions in this article. 

Can diamond earrings be worn every day?

Yes, diamond earrings are perfect for wearing every day. The most popular earrings for everyday wear are studs - however, super delicate diamond drop earrings are versatile enough to take you from day to night. 

How do you wear diamond drop earrings?

Diamond drop earrings are better worn alone to allow their true beauty to shine through. As they are typically ornate or statement in style, they deserve to be the main piece of jewellery within any given look. However, how you choose to style diamond drop earrings should be determined based on their style. For example, delicate and statement pieces work better with different outfits and occasions. Here are some suggestions on how to wear different types of drop earrings. 

1. Delicate floral drop earrings

Delicate floral drop earrings add a trendy boho finish to any outfit. While the intricate diamonds add a hint of sparkle, the twists of the nature-inspired designs add a feminine charm. Pair with a maxi dress, sandals and a straw bag for elegant holiday styling. 

2. Romantic heart drop earrings

Beautiful heart diamond drop earrings add a touch of romance to a date night outfit. From dainty heart drop earrings to more elaborate styles, a pretty pair looks just as beautiful worn with a little black dress as it does with a silky blouse and a bold red lip.

3. Colourful gemstone drop earrings

For a vibrant and refreshing look, add a pair of colourful gemstone drop earrings. Oval drop earrings tend to be favoured most for gemstones. Choose from ruby, emerald or sapphire, depending on your taste, and pair with a contrasting colour-block outfit for a modern finish that will boost your style credentials.

4. Dazzling halo drop earrings

There is no better way to add drama to your outfit than with a pair of dazzling halo drop earrings. Pear drop earrings tend to be the most popular. This statement style provides plenty of sparkle and is beautifully elegant - team with your favourite monochrome outfit for a high-fashion appearance.

5. Vintage style drop earrings

Vintage style drop earrings are an easy way to add an antique finish to your look. Typically combining clusters of diamonds in an antique style setting, vintage style drop earrings provide the perfect companion to a floral summer dress and vintage shades.

Diamond drop earrings provide plenty of styling options and add an elegant touch to any outfit. Contact us if you need help finding the perfect pair.