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How To propose at Christmas in a simple but romantic way

23rd November 2017

by Amey M

Christmas Proposal

Christmas is around the corner and planning an unforgettable proposal has to be planned in advance. We know that nowadays we are all busy-busy and especially around this time of the year our schedules are overflown by commitments so we made a list of 5 Christmas proposal ideas for the modern-but-still-romantic ones.

A Stocking Proposal

Can you imagine a better start for Christmas? You are having breakfast with your family by the fire and the time to open stockings has arrived. Only you know that in your partner’s stocking there is an engagement ring! While they open theirs, prepare your camera so you can photograph their reaction when they see the ring. You can also get down on one knee and say the magic words. Just remember to put the ring into a smaller box so they don’t suspect!

Stocking Christmas Proposal

A Magic Drink

This is another way of making Christmas Day even more special. You can pre-order a cup that has the words ‘Will you marry me?’ printed at the bottom and serve their favourite drink. Wait until they are finishing their drink to get down on one knee with the ring. If you can’t order the cup, another idea is to go to your local café for an early breakfast and ask the barista to write the words on their drink instead of their name.

Christmas Proposal - Magic Drink

A Frosted Proposal

Ice ranks offer the best fairy-tale back-drop, they are usually decorated with lots of fairy lights and have the most festive soundtracks playing every second. Plan a date with your partner to go ice-skating and at the moment they least expect it, pop the question. Hopefully, they won’t fall! Ideally, you could ask a friend to hide among the other skaters and take pictures of the magical moment.

Christmas Proposal - Frosted

A Sweet Yes

Mince pies, gingerbread men, big boxes of chocolate and s’mores are some of the few things everybody eats around Christmas. This proposal is perfect for those partners who have a sweet tooth because the idea is to add a hint to their favourite treat. You can decorate gingerbread men as a bride or a groom, tie the diamond ring on a bauble shaped cookie or write ‘marry me’ on top of the mince pies. Just be careful if you decide to place the ring that they are fully aware before taking a bite!

Christmas Proposal

Christmas Tree Farm

This proposal can be as simple as just asking your partner to go for a walk to the local Christmas Tree farm (or to the woods if you are lucky to have one close!) and after walking for a while (and getting into that festive spirit), get down on one knee, pull your engagement ring out and wait for them to say yes. You can level up this proposal by writing ‘will you marry me?” with fairy lights or by decorating a tree with small gift boxes that spell the magic words. Just remember to ask the owner so you don’t get in trouble!

Christmas Proposal

If you have a little more time, you can check our previous post where we tell you about Christmas proposals that require more preparation. Are you ready to pop the question? If so, check our engagement ring range to find the perfect one!


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