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Fit For A Rebel : The Black Diamond Engagement Ring

4th February 2016

by Admin

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black diamonds are becoming an incredibly fashionable this year, we explore the reasons as to why more and more people are picking them up.

There’s nothing quite like a bold, striking colour that suddenly strikes up the order in everything and demands attention. Black diamonds, in stark contrast to their white counter parts, are on the rise in all different forms of jewellery. People pick them for a variety of different reasons, however these all interlink into one grand theme of being different. Not just being different, but creating difference in an established tradition. 

The de-facto standard of engagement ring traditions is to go for a white diamond, and while that might have its own benefits, we find that most people who go for a black diamond aren’t interested in established traditions. 

Black diamond rings were usually bought as fashionable rings that added an interesting mix to existing jewellery collections. The trend is now expanding into black diamonds being used for engagement and even within wedding rings and earrings. You can wear them as an actual engagement ring, and men tend to wear them purely for aesthetic reasons. 

What’s so special about them? 

Let’s start with the colour. A pure black, although not transparent, creates a natural depth due to the manner in which black absorbs light. This creates the “bold” effect that is natural to black diamonds. Also consider that the majority of black diamonds are set into white gold or platinum, which create a very dramatic contrast. It’s kind of looking at something with a silvery/grey colour and then as your eyes reach the top you see the black diamond at the top. 

This is even more pronounced when people choose side stones or halo designs that feature white diamonds, creating an even more of a pronounced contrast as the two different colours sit beside each other, emphasising each shade. 

Black diamonds also sit really well within unusual designs; what we mean by that is a lot of different diamond settings are designed to emphasise the quality of the centre diamond, and so the settings are naturally more subtle and minimalistic in order to draw more attention to the diamond at the top. The more detailed designs become more of a highlight with a dark diamond to accentuate the entire ring. 

Black Diamonds Engagement Rings

How are they made? 

Black diamonds are heavily included diamonds; which very simply means they start out as normal white diamonds that have a very patchy appearance that makes them unable to pass the quality check as a normal white diamond. Black diamonds are heat treated in order to turn the entire diamond into its signature black colour. They still retain a slight quality of shine when held up to the light, emphasising the corners of all of the different facets, yet still retain their own opaque quality when observed at normal distance. 

Who do they suit? 

In one word - Rebels. 

You are buying a Black Diamonds for yourself or your partner because you are naturally attracted to contrasts. You prefer something edgier, and something alternative. Black diamonds go against the grain by creating something different in a traditional setting; its own type of style. 

If you’re buying this for someone else then play very close attention to their colour schemes. Do they wear black clothing, or accessorise in darker hues? Do they have more alternative tastes in jewellery or music? It sounds silly but all of these things do correlate together. If they’ve worn any type of black jewellery in the past, consider it a go. 

What kind of price am I looking at?  

On average black diamonds are cheaper than white diamonds, due to the process described above. You’re looking at anything from £300 (simple designs) to £2000 for more complicated designs, if we’re considering engagement rings only. 

Heavily included white diamonds are not usually sold, and instead become black diamonds. There’s no issue of diamonds not being sparkly or clear enough. The biggest impact this has on price is that you can afford to get a bigger black diamond for your money than you would for a white diamond - something to bear in mind. 

If it sounds like the kind of thing you’re considering, you can browse our collection of black diamonds here. 


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