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Discover the Dark Allure of Black Diamond Rings

30th September 2015

by Admin

A popular choice for all types of Engagement Rings and other forms of fashion jewellery, the captivating and alluring black diamond possesses a strange sense of appeal people owing to its edgy appearance. Black diamonds are versatile and make for one of the more alternative choices when it comes to selecting a centre diamond for your piece of jewellery.

In stark contrast to white diamonds, the black diamond can be worn with many different outfits for many different occasions. It's also pretty gender neutral; if you were to pick a very simple design it could easily be worn by both men and women.

Black diamond: what is it?

Black Diamonds

These are real diamonds, and are unlike any other form of coloured diamond due to the way in which they create a natural depth due to the depth that the deep black colour lends itself to. Black diamonds can be categorised into one of the two following categories :


These types of black diamonds are found in the Central Africa Republic, mined in Brazil, and are composed of a large number of tiny crystals, rather than being a single large crystal. These are rare diamonds, which are also more expensive than their counterparts, made out of carbon material that also includes graphite. Also, this type is renowned for being extremely difficult to cut without harming the rest of the stone. 


These black diamonds start their life as white diamonds that contain heavy amounts of natural imperfections (also known as inclusions) that are the result of the different types of minerals mixing with carbon, or they may coloured differently (contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not always white.) As a result, black diamonds go under extensive heat treatment in order to turn the jewel into its iconic black colour. 

Assessing the quality of black diamonds

The quality of black diamonds are largely determined by the carat weight, cut and polish. In simple language, this means that you only really need to concern yourself with the size, overall proportions and smoothness of the black diamond. If you're buying one of these for the first time, make sure you ask any jeweller for the carat, cut and polish and make sure they are of the highest quality. Pay particular attention to the polish quality, because a black diamond still reflects a fair amount of light which brings a lot more attention to how smooth the surface is. 

Due to the way in which you don't really need to look into the middle of the jewel like you would need to for a white diamond, the "clarity" portion doesn't really apply anymore. As a result this means that black diamonds are naturally cheaper than their white counterparts. 

What makes them so popular?

To begin with, Black Diamonds are naturally cheaper than their white diamond counterparts, though this might change due to the way in which black diamonds are generally starting to become more and more popular. Since you don't really need to consider the clarity of the black diamond, you essentially skip an entire step of the gemological process, which saves a lot of money due to the painstaking amount of time and money people spend on making sure that the (white) diamond is as clear and as sparkly as possible. 

If you or your partner really like the idea of wearing a really large jewel, then black diamonds might be an option. Saving money on clarity means you can invest more of your budget into making the centre diamond bigger with a larger carat option. Though do be careful with this as it has been common practice for wearers of extremely large jewels to often snag the jewel onto anything that might be close by, resulting in either damage to the ring or worse, damage to the wearer. 

But when it really comes down to it, a black diamond is really the rebel's jewel. It fits well into the repetoire of those who like to wear black and consider themselves to be going against the crowd. Black diamonds work well in more edgier, avant-garde styles of jewellery and fit those who wish to make a style statement. 

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