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Ciara's New Engagement Ring Examined

17th March 2016

by Amey M

Ciara's recent engagement to Russell Wilson (a notable American football player) meant that Russell had to pretty much top the last engagement ring that Ciara had received.  This new engagement ring is incredibly stunning for one notable reason : size. Celebrity engagement rings do tend to fit underneath two camps, the ones that go for intricate, one-off designs and the ones that try normal designs but take it to the next level with absolutely huge stones. 

Ciara announced her engagement on her Instagram account, and while the video is fairly dark we can make out a couple of details that might help us. First off, if you look at the ring it's so large that it almost covers her whole finger, putting it clearly above the 10 carat category. Since carats are an indication of weight and not necessarily size, it could be anywhere from 10-15 carats. Looking a bit closer, we initially thought that this might have been a classic solitaire design, but once we looked a lot closer we saw that the ring might possibly have two normal diamonds on the left and right, making this a traditional three stone ring with a large diamond in the middle. 

Ciara's Engagement Rings

Of course, with such a large diamond weighing up to 15 carats, it will weigh your hand down by quite a bit. In a recent photo, you can visibly see the engagement ring slipping down the finger. Besides the weight, there’s also the issue with size. It’s fairly common for people to find issues with their one carat engagement rings snagging on fabric, let alone a whopping 15 carats. While the idea of a huge stone might seem appealing, on a practical day to day basis you might find it to be a real challenge. 

Ciara's Engagement Ring

In terms of cost, for the centre diamond alone you could easily fetch a high quality 15 carat diamond from anywhere to £700,000 to a £1 million. Of course, the prices of diamonds can fluctuate but that would give you a rough idea of what something like this would cost. 

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