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How To Propose At Christmas

9th November 2017

by Amey M

Holidays are almost here and proposing at Christmas is always a good idea. That's why we made a list of the best ways to propose during Christmas so you can get some inspiration and organise your own!

Christmas Proposal

-Create An Advent Calendar

This idea requires a little bit more of preparation since you will need to buy 25 small gifts in advance but we can assure you is worth it! For the gifts, you can have a mix and match of chocolates, candles, socks and something a little bit more special like a necklace so they don’t realise what is going on. A good trick is to put your ring box into a bigger or different shape box to avoid them realizing what it is just by the shape of it!

While your partner opens the 25th gift, you can get down on one knee and say the magic words. If kneeling is not your style, have a camera instead and document their face!

Christmas Proposal - Advent Calendar

-At a Christmas Festive Cracker

There you are, sitting at the dining table surrounded by your loved ones with a festive cracker on top of each plate. Your partner is sitting next to you and you know that their festive cracker has something special inside. Just wait until she or he pops them to ‘pop’ the question.

This proposal needs the help of your friends since you will need to have the crackers and sittings organise to avoid anyone else sitting in that special place! Just imagine your magical proposal ruined because your grandma didn’t know that your partner was supposed to get the bigger part!

-With A Sparkling Tree Topper

The moment you decorate the tree is so special that you would think ‘nothing will beat this moment’ but yes, there is something! A sparkling tree topper will make your time decorating the tree unforgettable.

Just tied the engagement ring to the topper and let your partner do the honours. When the moment arrives, handle them the tree topper and wait until they realise that the twinkling comes from the diamond ring to ask the question. If you want the moment to be even more special, do it in the evening with some fairy lights and candles on.

Christmas Proposal - Tree Topper

-With A Special Gift

If finding some alone or free time is hard for you, this proposal is perfect because this one requires a little bit less organisation.

You need to buy a picture frame and instead of putting a picture you just need to replace it with a paper with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ written on it. Wrap it and save it until Christmas.

When the day arrives, put the gift under the Christmas tree but try to hide it a little bit so it’s the last one they will open. Handle your partner the gift and while they open it, get down on one knee with the ring box open and wait until they say yes.

Christmas Proposal - Special Gift

-A Magic Mistletoe

Is there anything more romantic than mistletoe at Christmas? Yes, a proposal mistletoe!

Similar to the Christmas tree topper, for this one tie the ring to the mistletoe and surprise your partner when they least expect it putting the mistletoe leaves on top of both of you and ask them to look up.  When they see the ring, we are sure they will be speechless. But luckily not enough to avoid saying yes!

Christmas Proposal - Magic Mistletoe

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