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A Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

8th December 2017

by Amey M

It might be the most wonderful time of the year but sometimes it can feel a little stressful. Finding the time to do the Christmas shopping while you enjoy the numerous dinners with friends and work cocktail parties are always a struggle. So for all those who need days that last 30 hours, we have made a list of the perfect Christmas gifts that will make the special women in your life, sparkle!

Diamond Stud Earrings

Whether by grand gift or a thoughtful gesture, Christmas is the perfect day to show her how much she means to you.

Classic diamond stud earrings are an everyday essential. They are simple, elegant and depending on their size they can be a delicate sparkle or a statement piece. These design lets you see as much of the diamond as physically possible, making a wondrous show of lights.

If your mum loves glamour and extravagance, you could consider a halo design. With a row of smaller diamonds surrounding a centre diamond, this earring will leave her speechless!

Tennis Bracelet

This statement piece is perfect for that special woman in your life. A Tennis Bracelet is a metal bracelet with an infinite set of diamonds. Did you know this bracelet got its name after Chris Evert, a famous tennis player, who lost her diamond bracelet during a match and asked the officials to postpone it until her bracelet had been found?

Perfect for your sister, daughter or granddaughter, this bracelet set with perfectly matched diamonds in a symmetrical and simple design makes the tennis bracelet a meaningful and timeless gift.

Designer rings

With different shapes, metals and modern looking designs, these rings are the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life.

A statement piece like this modern design with ergonomic shapes that go around a sparkling centre diamond will make this Christmas day unforgettable.

Designer Rings

Diamond Pendant

With a variety of materials, diamond pendants are a classic, while  gemstones can add a pop of colour.

For a thoughtful gift for your partner, a journey diamond pendant is ideal. With a gradually enlarged design, showing a “journey” from beginning to end that symbolises a journey with three stones, symbolising past, present and future.

If she were more of a unique design lover, this necklace would be ideal. Two delicate circles that overlap fitted delicately with small diamonds for added sparkle.

Diamond Pendants

Engagement ring

‘Tis the season of love! What better gift for your partner that a Christmas proposal? If you are ready to pop the question, the holidays are the perfect time!

While there is a variety of diamond engagement rings to choose from, having in mind your partner’s lifestyle is very important.  The type of jewellery she wears on a day to day basis is a big factor when it comes to buying an engagement ring and the diamond shape you choose. Does she like to use costume jewellery to accessorise? Does she wear jewellery at all? Is she always on trend when it comes to fashion?

You could choose a three-stone ring that has a sentimental meaning behind: it represents the past, present and future of a couple. Also, right now is this style is on trend since is the style that Prince Harry chose to propose to Meghan Markle.

Another option is a classic solitaire, one of the most popular and timeless designs. This traditional ring style has been around since the 1940s and it is because is the suits a diamond perfectly.

Engagement Rings

Christmas is around the corner so head to our website to explore our wide range of jewellery designs and find the perfect gift for that special woman in your life.


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