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Celebrity Engagement rings: Which style suits you best?

27th September 2017

by Amey M

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Choosing a dream engagement ring for your partner is a lot harder said than done, especially when they are dropping hints regularly! With so many different styles, sizes and cuts, it can feel hard to decide what is best for your other half.  

When it comes to inspiration for that dream engagement ring, we spend so much of our time admiring everything about celebrity couples and spend even longer searching the internet and the pages of magazines to see what our favorite celebs are wearing. The realisation of your budget soon kicks in, however, when you look at the price tag. But, we may have found the solution for you, as we have put together a selection of the best celebrity engagement rings with some very similar and affordable alternatives for you to choose from!

Lady Gaga - Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Lady Gaga - Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

Price: $400,000 (£298,720)

Taylor Kinney popped the question to Lady Gaga on Valentine’s Day, with a stunning heart-shaped diamond ring. Very fitting for the day! Being one of the most romantic of all stones, it's no surprise that these heart-shaped engagement rings are very popular. If this sounds like the perfect ring for you but can’t afford a Lady Gaga style version - which was estimated to have cost around $400,000 - Diamonds Factory may have the perfect and affordable ring for you.

Take a look at this 4 Prong Setting Plain Halo Engagement Ring. With its complex cut this ring can feature white, rose, yellow gold or a combination of yellow and white gold, rose or white gold or premium platinum on its band. It’s perfect for embracing a bride's romantic and feminine side and isn’t dissimilar to Gaga’s.

Nikki Reed - Vintage Inspired Cluster Engagement Ring

Nikki Reed - Vintage Inspired Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $75,000 (£56,010)

NIkki received this stunning ring from her husband Ian Somerhalder back in 2015 and now these diamond clusters are making a huge comeback. With a single stone, surrounded by a variety of diamonds of all shapes and sizes, this engagement ring style is quickly becoming ever-more popular with modern day brides.

With its collection of diamonds, the design appears to be larger than it perhaps is, with lots of sparkles - it’s a style that’s certainly eye-catching. This ring, available from Diamonds Factory, is a fairly close match.

Michelle Obama - Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Michelle Obama - Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Price: £7,500 (now worth £20,000)

The former first lady has a stunning classic solitaire engagement ring that evokes her ever-so sophisticated and traditional style and she pairs it with a sparkling eternity band. This ring design is the very definition of elegance and is popular due to its simplicity. These single diamond rings are available in a variety of shapes and metals to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

This is the best type of ring for those with smaller hands because it won’t overwhelm them and keeps fingers looking small and dainty. This Solitaire ring from Diamonds Factory looks very similar to Mrs Obama’s.

Alison Brie - Halo Engagement Ring

Alison Brie - Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $100,000 (£74,680)

Alison Brie’s gorgeous halo ring is a rose gold design but this style is available in all different styles and colours to suit you best. These circular-shaped rings are represented by one diamond with a border of smaller diamonds. If you are looking for a similar style, then Diamonds Factory offers halo rings featuring the choice of white, yellow or rose gold, platinum or a mix of different metals. These rings can also include both diamonds and sapphires as their centrepiece.

This type of ring is best for people with long fingers, as it accentuates the length and complements slender hands. With a large number of diamonds and a thicker band, this ring is best for those who enjoy a bold look. Take a look at a similar style available from Diamonds Factory.

Ashley Greene - Side Stone Engagement Ring

Ashley Greene - Side Stone Engagement Ring

Price: Unknown

Containing a cluster of diamonds alongside the metal band, that then complements a centre stone - this is the ultimate ring for someone who loves all things sparkly and glamorous. Ashley Greene’s side stone ring was gifted to her when her fiance Paul Khoury got down on one knee in front of a stunning waterfall on a trip to New Zealand - definitely a moment she’ll never forget and a stunning ring to enjoy forever more.

When it comes to diamond shapes inside stone rings, Ashley has a classic oval-shaped diamond but side stone rings can feature a variety of different shapes such as round, oval, princess, Asscher, pear, and cushion cuts. Take your pick from the different metals; yellow, white, rose gold or platinum available on the Diamonds Factory site and find a similar engagement ring. This side stone design is very similar if you’re looking for the same look.

Jessica Simpson - Three Stone Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson - Three Stone Engagement Ring

Price: $200,000 (£149,360)

This diamond ring style represents the past, present and future of a couple and is often used to celebrate an anniversary and birthday, as a beautiful alternative to a traditional solitaire ring. Just like Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson did, blend together a promise of eternal love and emotional significance with this ring style. The couple chose a ruby for the centre instead of a traditional diamond but you can either have the diamonds in a trilogy style or with a slightly larger central stone and two shoulder stones.

This ring is ideal for those brides who don’t like the idea of a huge centre stone. And if you’re on a tighter budget, adding two smaller stones to the side of the ring will trick the eyes and make them think it’s larger than it really is. We don’t offer rubies in our engagement ring designs but you’ll still find something equally as beautiful in our three stone engagement ring selection.

Natalie Portman - Round Halo Engagement Ring

Natalie Portman - Round Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $35,000 (£26,138)

Natalie and her husband Benjamin Millepied were married in 2012, but her engagement ring is still one to appreciate for inspiration. The stunning halo-style ring, featuring a round cut diamond and pave band style is definitely eye-catching. The band was made using recycled platinum to ensure the design would last forever. Platinum is a popular choice for many engagement rings, as it proves harder than white gold but still offers the same beautiful, clean finish. Our Full Bezel Side Stone ring is a contender for Natalie’s if you’re looking to match her style.

Kirsten Dunst - Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring

Kirsten Dunst - Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring

Price: Estimated $80,000 (£59,744)

Kirsten Dunst said yes to marriage earlier this year to actor Jesse Plemons and the ring he chose for her leans towards more vintage styles, with a beautiful yellow gold band and a stunning oval diamond, shouldered by two smaller diamonds. It perfectly evokes her quirky style and similar ring designs can be found on the Diamonds Factory site - like this 4 prong, medium side stone style.

Pippa Middleton - Asscher Halo Engagement Ring

Pippa Middleton - Asscher Halo Engagement Ring

Price: £350,000

Pippa had to receive an engagement ring to rival her sister’s, right? And her now-husband James Matthews didn’t disappoint with his choice. A stunning Asscher-cut diamond is featured within an octagonal halo on a white-gold band. It’s the perfect mix of old-world style and modern glamour and Diamonds Factory offers a range of halo rings to choose from for those who think their partner can pull off such a bold ring design. This ring design is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy this strong style.


Where do celebrities buy their engagement rings?

While we like to imagine the likes of Jay Z or Orlando Bloom browsing a counter in a jewellery store, most celebrities reach out to jewellery designers directly and have bespoke jewellery created for their partners.

Do celebrities just have one engagement ring?

While many of us are gifted an engagement ring that we wear forever more, celebrities have to go that one step further. Victoria Beckham, for example, has owned 13 engagement rings since being with David Beckham and together they are estimated to be worth a whopping £4m. Her first engagement ring featured a diamond on a gold band and reportedly cost £65,000. In 2007 she was spotted with a green emerald engagement ring, worth £500,000 and most recently has been wearing a £500,000 rectangular-shaped diamond on a shoulder set band. She doesn’t see any harm in wearing her engagement rings like a fashion accessory to compliment her outfit that day!

The late Elizabeth Taylor received ten engagement rings during her lifetime! That’s quite a collection.

How to choose a celebrity-inspired engagement ring

So now that you have plenty of celebrity inspiration, it’s time to look at the practical side of buying that all-important engagement ring and how to use your partner’s fave celeb to choose the right one.

- Find a reference photo

- Find a good image of the celebrity wearing the engagement ring your partner loves and take this with you when browsing engagement rings.

- Find out what shape the celebrity is wearing

One of the easiest ways to find a ring that looks a little like a celebrity's is to find one with the same diamond shape. Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped engagement ring is the easiest example and you could even replicate the ring by having yours and your partner’s initials engraved on the ring itself.

- Look for a similarly-coloured metal band

If the celebrity is wearing what appears to be a white gold or platinum band then be sure to look for the same metal type! Most celebrities opt for easy-to-wear silver shades and these won’t be hard to find.

- Consider the diamond setting

Is it a halo setting? Or a shoulder set? This can make all the difference when you are trying to find a similar style to that celebrity.

Now you can go ahead and choose your very own, celebrity-inspired ring!

Whatever type of engagement ring you go for, remember to have your partner’s personal preferences and style in mind. Try and think about what jewellery suits them best or what they usually wear - maybe get a ring that matches the jewellery they’ve already got? Learn which celebrities they admire and look to their rings for inspiration.

Are you ready to make that big decision yet? Then take some time to discover our huge range of different types of engagement rings here on the site.  



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