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Birthstone Fine Jewellery Guide: Month Meanings in the UK

18th December 2020

by Kannan Karuppasamy

birthstone rings

Birthstone jewellery is a thoughtful gift idea for a loved one on their birthday. Birthstones are said to have originated in ancient times, and they are still popular today. In this guide, we discuss birthstone fine jewellery and the month meanings in the UK. 

What is a birthstone?

A birthstone is a gemstone that is associated with someone’s birth period. It usually represents a specific month or zodiac sign. Each birthstone has its own history, myths and meanings. Plus, it is thought to bring the wearer good luck if they wear their own birthstone jewellery.

Birthstones and month meanings UK

Wondering what your birthstone is in the UK? There is a selection of beautiful gemstones associated with each birth month, and each one has its own meaning. So if you are looking for birthstone jewellery such as a birthstone ring, read on to find the correct one.

January birthstone - Garnet

The birthstone for January is Garnet. Garnet is a deep red gemstone that is perfect for January birthdays. It symbolises friendship, power and happiness and is thought to give guidance to the wearer in the night and during travel.

February birthstone - Amethyst

The birthstone for February is amethyst. Amethyst is a beautiful pale lilac or deep purple gemstone that is ideal for February birthdays. It serves as a symbol of peace, tranquillity and protection and is believed to make the wearer calmer and more serene.

March birthstone - Aquamarine

The birthstone for March is aquamarine. Aquamarine is a beautiful blue gemstone that has a similar beauty to the ocean. It is perfect for February birthdays and is associated with loyalty, friendship and courage. It is also thought to drive out any negative emotions and to make the wearer peaceful.

April birthstone - Diamond

april birthstone diamond

The birthstone for April is diamond. Diamond is a beautiful and luxurious gemstone that is not only perfect for April birthdays, but jewellery such as diamond rings make great gifts any time of the year. The birthstone diamond represents everlasting love and eternity and is thought to bring the wearer courage, endurance and strength. 

May birthstone - Emerald

The birthstone for May is emerald. Emerald is a beautiful green stone that is one of the most prized gemstones. It is perfect for May birthdays and is thought to symbolise vitality, good fortune and youth. Emerald engagement rings are also a popular choice for proposing.

June birthstone - Pearl

The birthstone for June is pearl. Pearls have a beautiful iridescence and pure finish. Not only are they ideal for June birthdays but they are also the anniversary gemstone for 30 years of marriage. Pearl is thought to represent purity, innocence and faithfulness.

July birthstone - Ruby

july birthstone ruby

The birthstone for July is ruby. Ruby is a rich red gemstone that is not only perfect for July birthdays, but it is also the anniversary gemstone of 40 years of marriage. It is seen as a symbol of passion and love while also thought to protect the wearer and ward off any evil. For these reasons, ruby engagement rings are a popular alternative to a diamond.

August birthstone - Peridot

The birthstone for August is peridot. Peridot has a unique and vibrant lime green colour. It is thought to be the gemstone of prosperity and good fortune while making a great gift for  August birthdays.

September birthstone - Sapphire

september birthstone sapphire

The birthstone for September is sapphire. Blue sapphire is a deep and beautiful blue hued gemstone that is favoured by many, including the royal family. It is the gemstone for 45th wedding anniversaries and symbolises integrity, love and nobility. Sapphire engagement rings are a popular choice for those who love gemstone jewellery. 

October birthstone - Opal

The birthstone for October is opal. Opal has an ever changing and iridescent finish that is loved and valued by many. It is thought to encourage imagination and creativity while symbolising innocence and purity. 

November birthstone - Topaz

The birthstone for November is topaz. Topaz can come in a variety of shades such as green, pink, yellow, red and blue. Blue topaz is by far the most popular shade for gemstone jewellery. It is believed to have healing and calming properties, to restore sanity and ward off bad energy.

December birthstone - Tanzanite

The birthstone for December is tanzanite. Tanzanite can only be found in Tanzania and typically has a vibrant blue or violet colour. It has been discovered more recently than most other gemstones, so it doesn’t have rich historic meanings. However, it is prized for its beauty and rarity as it is rarer than a diamond.

Birthstone jewellery is ideal as a gift for almost any occasion. Whether you choose a gemstone engagement ring for your loved one or surprise them with a gemstone diamond ring for your anniversary, a beautiful piece of jewellery with their birthstone is a great choice.

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