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We've matched your Astrology sign to find your perfect Engagement ring

27th September 2021

by Tara W.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and as such, always seen to be ahead of the game, the first in line and ‘early adopters’ for fashion trends and tech, so their diamond has to make an impact.  As such the perfect diamond would be a radiant cut solitaire diamond which has all the class and fine lines of an emerald cut, but with the corners removed to give it more sparkle and an extra ‘edge’.  Aries won’t be able to resist the classic angles of the radiant, yet not many people know about this impactful diamond cut – you have to be ‘in the know’ to understand what is ‘extra’ about the radiant – and Aries is definitely ‘extra’.  This particular ring has tapered diamond shoulders that point inwards, towards this centre piece diamond and make it appear bigger, just as Aries like to be the centre piece and are larger than life.  The strong angles and added sparkle of the radiant are trending right now, so Aries will appreciate its up to the minute popularity.  This is a stand-out diamond cut for a stand-out person which sums up the Aries perfectly.

  • Fire sign, hot headed and fast
  • Loves to be first
  • Always a bit ‘extra’
  • Straight forward and dynamic
  • Emerald cut solitaire flawless diamond, raised above tapered, diamond studded shoulders


Taurus is the sign of wealth, and as the first earth sign, they also represent Mother Nature’s abundance, so what could be more fitting than the beauty of a deep green emerald.  The highest quality emeralds are worth far more than diamonds, so this will appeal to the Taurean’s sense of quality and acquiring richness.  Emeralds have ‘freckles’, small inclusions throughout which make them ideal for the ‘emerald cut’, which showcases their unique beauty, something that helps a Taurus feel special, as the sensual lady bull is always about the feels.  Taureans are definitely creatures of tradition, so they will appreciate the classic lines of the emerald cut for its symmetry and strength, but they are also have a strong presence, so setting an emerald in yellow gold is a bold statement they are happy to make.  The juxtaposition between the yellow and green pushes the green colour out, creating a luxury eminence any Taurean will love.  Added to this, not only is this emerald surrounded by a diamond halo, it also has diamond shoulders, which adds add further value to the piece and elevates its superior credentials so a wealth orientated Taurus can trust this as an investment.

  • Earth sign, grounded and methodical
  • Sensual, strong and steady
  • Sucker for luxury and lush-ness
  • Likes to make a bold statement
  • Emerald cut, brilliant green emerald, with diamond studded surround in gold


There are two sides to a Gemini as everyone knows, so a ‘knife edge’ band with diamonds set on each side, is the double-edged statement that satisfies the twins’ sense of duality without being too obvious – Gemini likes to keep us guessing.  The band comes to a point, adding an edge that the quick wit of a Gemini can understand and find appealing.  The band is the unusual element and Geminis like things to be a bit different and even a little quirky.  Geminis are light-hearted and whimsical so the simplicity of the solitaire round cut stone is pretty and really easy to wear, it will match anything and go anywhere, just like our twins.  The centre stone round diamond on this ring is elevated above the band, which is a trick of the eye to enhance its size, making the dazzling statement that Geminis love to give and are known for.

  • Air sign, inspiring and alert
  • Whimsical and light-hearted
  • Quick witted and chatty
  • Two minds, complex nature
  • Solitaire diamond lifted above a double-sided, diamond studded band


Cancer loves the idea of family, so this vintage style, oval cut ruby gives a respectful nod to Grandma’s ring, and keeps precious gems is the family way, whilst also being deeply alluring.  As the most sentimental sign in the zodiac, Cancers are sure to go for something with a deeper meaning and as rubies ‘glow’ beautifully, rather than sparkle, they have a brilliance of their own which evokes of other times and deep empathy.   However, this is a brand new take on the trilogy ring setting, where two fabulous round cut diamonds are set each side of the centre piece ruby, adding light, supporting and enhancing its colour and beauty – something that Cancer’s always do for their friends and family alike.  Cancer’s wear their heart on their sleeves, so this red beauty is the most romantic of rings, with a heartfelt message of deep adoration and love to give. 

  • Water sign, emotional and caring
  • Sentimental and soft-hearted
  • Family orientated and protective
  • Empathetic and supportive
  • Trilogy setting with centre oval cut large ruby, beside two diamonds on a classic plain band


As kings of the jungle, Leos have to have the biggest rock and nothing says “go big or go home” like a marquise cut diamond.  This is a longer stone, so takes up more space on the finger, tricking the eye into appearing bigger – lions love anything over-sized and grand.  The marquise cut has extra sparkle too, so only big personalities need apply and this particular ring is a large gem with a surround of adoring diamonds to show it off - what could be more leonine than being the centre of an up-market crowd like this?  Each of the diamonds in the halo surround has a four-prong setting to emphasise each stone, and give the marquise diamond a setting fit for royalty.  Leos are ruled by the sun and might want to upgrade to a yellow diamond to reflect their sunshine warmth, but either way, a dazzling diamond of enhanced proportions is a must.

  • Fire sign, passionate and warm-hearted
  • Bold, bossy and fun
  • Dramatic, sunny nature
  • Generous and loving
  • Marquise cut diamond with individually set diamond halo surround and diamond studded band


Simplicity is key to a Virgo’s heart, so a solitaire diamond is going to tick all the boxes on this earth sign’s list.  They like a classic cut, but do not be fooled by this stunning princess cut stone, it has modern ethics and maximum credibility to please the pure mind of a Virgo.  Lab grown diamonds are on trend due their sustainable and utterly pure production process which creates absolutely no pollution, but provides a perfect, flawless diamond every time.  This type of clean values are exactly what Virgos like to align with and discuss, and this high setting brings in the most light and therefore maximum ‘fire’ to the stone, so that it becomes the talking point.  Virgos are very practical, so a plain band for this pretty diamond is easy to wear and matches any outfits and all occasions.

  • Earth sign, dependable and caring
  • Analystical nature that loves details
  • Minimalist approach, pure and simplistic
  • Dedicated and helpful, provides nourishment
  • Stunning solitaire princess cut, lab grown diamond in four prong setting and plain band


Librans are true romantics, and the extra sparkle that a pear cut diamond gives off is ‘oh so feminine’ and very pretty, to satisfy Libran’s innate sense of harmony and magical charm.  A pear-shaped diamond speaks volumes of romance, as well as elegance, something the Libran is acutely acquainted with and always in tune with.  AND they quite like that this stylish ring shape often appears bigger than it is, making an eye-catching romantic statement.  Libra loves fashion and luxury and the double row of diamonds on the shoulders and the significant diamond halo surround, give this beauty added sparkle and quite a bit of fancy pzazz.  

  • Air sign, charming and light-hearted
  • Loves art and creating beauty
  • Compromises and justice seeking
  • Romantic and sweethearted
  • Pear cut diamond with diamond halo surround, with double pronged, diamond studded shoulders and band



Scorpios love precision so the flawless stone that is needed to show off an emerald cut diamond will please their sense of craftmanship and elegance – this ‘step cut’ and layered ring needs to be crafted well for all the intricate detail to come together in its own work of art.  A Scorpio will appreciate an antique style that has been re-created in a more contemporary way, since they are the sign of transformation and regeneration.  The added detail to this emerald cut diamond setting is at once vintage, but also very much of the moment, and surrounding the centre stone with a double halo of more diamonds, and diamond shoulders, adds enough complexity to keep an intense Scorpio interested and satisfied.  The layered technique of setting lifts the emerald cut diamond up to the light and creates a unique and fascinating brilliance, just like the Scorpio.

  • Water sign, intense and passionate
  • Dynamic and steadfast
  • Darkly charming and honest
  • Mysterious and secretive
  • Emerald cut diamond, in double layered diamond halo surround setting and diamond band 


A cushion cut diamond has plenty of brilliant shine, and so does the average Sagittarius; they are endlessly positive and optimistic, so their diamond must have the brilliance to match.  A Sagittarius will want something completely modern and new since they are always galloping ahead of the crowd and the cushion cut is easily adaptable (like them) to be created into a ring of our times.  Sagittarius are leaders of the pack and this ring with its double halo diamond surround and flowing, cross-over diamond shoulders, is remarkable and says “influential person”, which the centaurs always are.  This diamond lies lower in the setting, so Sag with all their energy and zest, can run around without worry and it will still be looking spectacular after a lifetime.

  • Fire sign, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Open, honest and frank
  • Ahead of the pack
  • Lucky, gifted and giving
  • Cushion cut diamond with diamond halo surround with cross-over, diamond shoulders


Yellow diamonds are five times more expensive than white ones and this fact will appeal to the Capricorn’s sense of relationship commitment and investment with their ring.  If you do something, do it properly and with intention, is how the Capricorn thinks, so a yellow diamond will stand out as a high-quality asset that the serious-minded earth sign will appreciate.  This round cut, yellow diamond is surrounded by a micro halo of white diamonds to add immense sparkle and bring out the yellow colour that gives this ring the edge over many others – and Capricorn’s goals are always to stay ahead.  The micro setting band of further diamonds brings more premium ideals to this unique and classy ring to keep the sign of the goat, triumphant with their choice.

  • Earth sign, serious and organised
  • Honest and dependable
  • Traditional values
  • Best in class, goal orientated
  • Yellow round cut diamond with diamond micro halo, set above a diamond band


Aquarians will always want something a little different, so an emerald cut sapphire in a trilogy setting, provides the variety this air sign craves.  Sapphires always have a story to tell, whether in legend, myth or history and the Aquarian likes nothing more than a discussion of provenance about their jewellery.  A trilogy setting is fairly classic but definitely not the usual, and the two emerald cut diamonds either side of this ring, add depth and lustre to the blueness of this sapphire.  Aquarians are day dreamers and thinkers, so the fact that sapphires are said to remind the wearer of heaven will inspire their thoughts; the white and blue together brings a piece of the sky to your finger, something Aquarians will love to be have flashing on their hand.

  • Air sign, quirky and philosophical
  • Future orientated
  • Likes to be different and discuss a variety of views
  • People person, friendly and wise


The sentimental Pisces is in tune with the past, so an antique setting will give the romantic vibes this water sign adores.  Pisces like to go with the flow and a Victorian setting like this one has all the curves and softness to emphasise the brilliance of this round cut diamond.  The setting features ‘mill grain’ in the style of ropes, to hold the stones in place as a pretty way to add texture and security – Pisces do like to feel secure.  Pisceans are the artists of the zodiac and the double layer of ‘ropes’ and the halo of diamonds frame the centre stone with artistic detail to delight the sign of the fishes, emphasising the size of the whole ring and the romantic gesture it represents.  The four, diamond studded, shoulder prongs, clasp the central setting in an elaborate mount, which is a classic antique style, to lend Pisces’ ring a mystical sense of treasured times gone by and beautiful moments.

  • Water sign, sentimental and romantic
  • Dreamy, gets lost in a story
  • Whimsical change of moods
  • Artistic and creative

Credit: written by @VenusAndVesta