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A Woman’s Guide to Proposing

9th August 2017

by Amey M

Many women believe that there is a limited time frame for when they can propose to their partner. However, these older trends are being replaced as male and female roles start to merge and intertwine.

So ladies, if you feel the time is right then don’t hesitate to propose! Simply follow our tips in our guide below on how to propose marriage to a man:

What date can a woman propose to a man?

Traditionally, people believe leap years are the only time when a woman should be getting down on one knee in front of her male partner and asking for his hand. So, at the time of writing, you wouldn’t be able to propose until February 29th 2020, if you are a woman. That’s a long time to wait – and he might just beat you to it!

The custom supposedly originates from Ireland, when St Patrick agreed with St Brigid that women should be allowed to propose marriage every four years. In some countries in Europe, if a man refused a woman’s proposal on February the 29th he had to pay a penalty and that was usually in the form of a pair of gloves – this was so the woman could hide the fact that she didn’t have an engagement ring. However, while some still believe in the tradition, more and more women are proposing to their partner whenever the moment takes them. It’s still fairly uncommon but women are feeling more empowered to reverse those gender roles and take matters into their own hands – or ring fingers. So, you don’t have to stick around for another leap year – propose whenever you like!

What to say when you propose to a man

There are no set rules when it comes to what to say but we recommend you take some time first to consider if it’s the right decision. Are you both in the same mind set where you are planning a long future together? Do you share the same values? Are you comfortable living together?

You also need to find out how he feels about the concept of being proposed to, since some men are raised with traditional values and may feel disappointed that you asked instead of them. But we’re sure this is something you’ll have discussed already as a couple and if you prefer alternative things in life then it won’t be an issue. If you feel it’s the right choice simply tell him how much you care for him, that you want to spend the rest of your life together and that you want to get married to show this, then ask that all important question and wait for him to say yes!


Should you give him an engagement ring?

Before looking for an engagement ring, check whether he is likely to wear jewellery. For some men only a watch will do, so perhaps buying him a new timepiece is a good way of offering a symbol of your proposal. However, if you are sure you want to buy an engagement ring then check out our range of male diamond ring bands and perhaps purchase one for yourself too while you’re looking! You definitely need an engagement ring too, to show off that you’re engaged.

What is the best way to propose to my boyfriend?

We recommend choosing a moment where it’s just you and him, perhaps on a special day such as an anniversary and planning a romantic trip or day together. It doesn’t need to be a lavish proposal and if you want to get down on one knee, then do!


Do you need to ask for permission?

The tradition of a man asking the women’s father for permission is still in place, and considered to be an act of respect. However, more men are involving their partner’s Mum and siblings beforehand, changing the rules a little. If you are a woman preparing to ask your male partner for their hand in marriage you might be wondering if this rule still applies to you. Technically, it doesn’t. However, you may want to let his family in on the secret and ask for their blessing. Many women don’t do this but it could strengthen your relationship with his parents and siblings. If you’re considering a proposal then this is a very exciting time and so wish you all the best and we’ll be here to advise you when it comes to choosing those all important wedding rings, when you come to finally say ‘I do’ on the big day too! Good luck! 



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