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5 Unusual Proposal Ideas To Inspire You

17th March 2016

by Amey M

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It’s one of the most memorable and important experiences you’ll ever have; and for those planning to do a secret proposal, the expectations are sky high, but perhaps most of those you might be placing on yourself. Every proposal tells the story of that particular relationship, with those particular personalities. The most common type of proposal is to jet your partner away to a nice holiday, where the mood and environment naturally make all of us sink into the romantic mood.

Making the right proposal for you is all about meticulous research. Look at everything. Watch a lot of people crying. Find out the craziest ideas. And so on, and so forth. Here’s some crazy proposal ideas we love that we think would inspire you to create your own flavour of proposal.

The street surprise

There have been a lot of creative twists on the idea of surprising someone with a public proposal. Find out what your partner’s favourite song is (preferably a song that gets them into that romantic mood) and hire a small band to play on the street. Get them to play their normal songs as usual while you slowly walk your partner in the street like nothing is happening. Then, as your conversation moves closer and closer to the all important question, drop to one knee as your signal to the band to start playing her/his favourite song as you drop the question. 

proposal band

Public proposals are great for creating that spontaneous buzz and attention in the street; it can be quite overwhelming for both people as it’s a lot scarier than proposing quietly in your own space. But the resulting applause that you would get from onlookers would make it an incredibly memorable story to be telling people from years onwards. 

Another version 

You can create your own spin on this by making a private audience with friends and family. Pick a secluded spot, somewhere beautiful and natural and walk with your partner. Then you can signal both your friends and family to suddenly appear as your drop to one knee and ask the question. It’s a bit more of an intimate surprise but still retains that “public” quality of being in the presence of others. 

The active surprise 

A lot of people like to propose on holiday, and it makes perfect sense. A change of environment, an infusion of pure atmosphere, surrounded by nothing but beauty; it’s practically the perfect setup. The best kinds of surprises are the ones you don’t see coming, and so for this particular surprise, you want to lure your partner in by booking the holiday but making sure there’s plenty of main activities. 

For example, you could go a rock climbing, keeping the ring secretly on your person (do be careful though, those rings cost a lot, we should know) and climb ahead of your partner, helping them go up as they slowly climb. Then as you come towards the top, pull them up towards you, and get onto one knee and ask the question. It’s a beautiful metaphor that frames the situation; going through a difficult task together and then reaching the top together. It’s also really unexpected, since most holiday proposals happen on the beach or near the hotel. 

Another version 

There’s been pretty crazy proposals that have happened, such as people proposing underwater or proposing during a sky dive. You could replicate that feeling of extremity by taking your partner to the Grand Canyon, or similar spots in the world where you feel absolutely tiny in comparison to the world, and ride off the wave of euphoria to ask the all important question. 

The inside the box surprise

We usually keep our jewellery in tiny boxes like this.  

Diamond Ring

And then we pack them into a much bigger box. This is to stop any suspecting, nosy or curious partners from realising that they’ve gotten some expensive jewellery, and more importantly, to throw them off the scent of an incoming proposal. 

This got us thinking, what if you were to put a box, inside another box, and then continue that onwards? You could start with an absolutely huge cardboard box that doesn’t say anything at all. Then as she/he begins to open the first box, you find another box that’s just a little bit smaller, and so it continues until you reach the final box, which is where you bend down on one knee. 

Another version 

We like the idea of starting a treasure hunt. On an otherwise normal day off, you suddenly disappear from your house, and leave a trail of cryptic clues behind that leads your partner to a particular destination (we strongly recommend a place where you had your first date or one of your dates) where you will be waiting with the ring. The thing about a treasure hunt is that it can be as low key or as spectacular as you want it to be. You could get friends and family involved, make them buy a ticket to somewhere, keep things buried in the ground, the sky really is the limit with this kind of idea. 

The marketing surprise 

You’d be surprised at how many different types of spaces you can buy in order to display a particular advert. Since they’re so common in our environment we often forget that they are there. Why not design an advertisement that asks your partner to marry you? You’d might need to do a bit of design work to make this one happen but it would pay off pretty big. 

You could start the process by looking at your local newspaper; your district newspaper would be an easy choice not only because of cost but because they will be more receptive to the idea. Another easier way of doing this is to hire a web developer to create a small website for you that would unlock with a password or tick down with a timer.

Another version 

If this one sounds a bit costly for you, you could get creative and use a very large poster, or paint (making sure you aren’t vandalising!) to find a space to write out your proposal message. Achieving the same effect of marking a certain part of the place of your world out for the important question. 

The seasonal surprise 

This one is dependent on the weather and location of where you live, but you can use the environment to your advantage. If it’s spring, try hiding the ring in a bunch of flowers that you’ve picked that are still fresh from the bloom. For summer, try heading out to a nice beach and hiding the ring in the sand (with you guarding it, of course) and call her/him over while you unearth it. For autumn, propose in a beautiful location filled with bronzed leaves, and for winter, you can embrace the nature of the snow or hide the ring box in a snowman and let it melt over a campfire. 

To round off 

Proposals are aways your own invention, so don’t be afraid to take elements from different ideas that you enjoy and make your own interpretation when you eventually propose! 

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