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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends For 2018

11th October 2017

by Amey M

Engagement Ring Trends

The time has come, you’ve finally decided to ask your other half to marry you in the New Year. Congratulations on finding The One!

Nervous? Well, that’s to be expected. Not only will asking that all important question takes courage but you’ll also want to choose the perfect engagement ring beforehand.

But with this comes a multitude of questions. How much should you be spending? What size diamond is best? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our guide to the top 2018 engagement ring trends to ensure your bride-to-be is on trend and will fall in love instantly with their new piece of jewellery. Read on to discover what the hottest trends in engagement rings will be for this year:

Trend 1 - The Split Shank

This engagement ring trend is set to be very popular in 2018. The split shank ring style usually features a solitaire diamond and the band either side is split, leaving a gap that you can see your finger through. It gives off that fashionista and architectural feel to an otherwise very simple and traditional solitaire or pavé style.

With this type of ring, you can also go for the gap being larger on the east and west points and then narrow and closer together at the diamond - giving you a unique look. Many vintage-inspired engagement rings will feature a split shank and the band will often be a French-set or set with diamonds. Splitting the band provides more space to add smaller diamonds - therefore increasing the overall sparkle of the ring.

It is possible to have a variety of diamond shapes for this type of ring. Go for a round diamond halo

style where the split in the band is very subtle. Positioned close to the diamond, the band parts effortlessly and blends into the centre. It’s a classic look with that art deco twist on it.

There is also the pavé style, this features a band that parts very visibly for that distinct take on a classic solitaire look. The band splits on either side of the finger showing the effect of two diamond bands that meet. The centre diamond is framed making it the main focus and smaller diamonds run down the sides of the band.

This engagement ring trend is sure to dominate in 2018, as we enjoy vintage looks and adopt more fashion that reminds us of days gone by. Yellow gold, therefore, is a great option for this ring style.

Engagement Rings - Split Shank


Trend 2 - Rose Gold

There is no doubt that we have witnessed a huge rise in anything rose gold over this past couple of months and rose gold engagement ring sales have gone through the roof - which is why it’s looking very much like it’s going to be a trend that continues well into the new year.

Rose gold gives off a truly romantic feeling but also brings with it some uniqueness for those who are looking for something a little different. For those with warm skin, the blush undertones complement well and prove to be a lot more versatile than gold or silver. It is also a lot more durable than yellow gold or white gold which makes it a fabulous choice for an engagement ring that will be worn regularly.

It is also easy to maintain - all you need to do is soak it in mild soap and warm water then dry it with a cloth and it will keep its shine. However, it’s not quite as durable as platinum is.

Here at Diamonds Factory, we offer a huge selection of rose gold engagement rings for you to take your pick from, to embrace this future engagement ring trends. All of our rose gold rings are crafted together with elegance, style and so much glamour.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Trend 3 - Geometric Silhouettes

Taking a halo ring and adding a geometric shape around your solitaire or oval diamond is the fashion-forward, modern twist on a traditional style - that is going to be very popular in 2018.

Engagement rings with feminine curves will always be many bride's favourites but couples are becoming captivated by rings with contemporary lines that surround the diamond with a hexagonal frame. The geometric setting offers a breathtaking statement whilst not taking the attention away from the centrepiece diamond.

It’s perfect for those who enjoy cutting-edge styles and in 2018 an edgier vibe will definitely be seen in the world of fashion. The catwalks for the year ahead featured strong metallics, sci-fi-esque scenes and strong looks with sharp lines that will translate easily into engagement ring trends.

Engagement Rings - Geometric Silhouettes

Trend 4 - Coloured Diamonds

The trend for coloured diamonds became ever so popular during 2017 and is set to increase in popularity as the months go on making it a hot choice for 2018. To make your engagement ring stand out and to embrace this trend, pick out a pink or a yellow diamond or opt for a gem such as a ruby or sapphire. A black diamond is also a good option, as it adds a mysterious edge to your engagement ring and embraces the trend well.

However, be careful when picking your coloured stone because you will need to make sure your band complements it as well, or it will just end up being a clash of colours. Consider what shape you’d like your centre stone to be too - pear-shaped diamonds are a must have for 2018, for example. These elegant cut stones add something different to your plain band and give the appearance of slimmer and slender looking fingers.

Princess cuts will be left to the sideline for now, as diamonds with rounded edges are considered the way forward. The oval diamond is trending a lot more these days, for a look that is less-in-your-face sparkle and has more depth and clarity. Not only do they appear larger in a carat by carat comparison with a round diamond, but they cost less too!

Why not interpret a birthstone into the engagement ring, instead of the traditional diamond? Below is a list of each birthstone for each month of the year to find the right one for your partner:

·       January - Garnet

·       February – Amethyst

·       March – Aquamarine

·       April – Diamond

·       May – Emerald

·       June – Pearl or Alexandrite

·       July – Ruby

·       August – Peridot

·       September – Sapphire

·       October – Opal or Tourmaline

·       November – Topaz or Citrine

·       December -Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise


Trend 5 - Emerald-cut

There is soon to be a huge increase in popularity for emerald style rings, ideal for those minimalistic brides. They offer the opportunity to make a ring look truly stunning and very unique, compared to other traditional shapes.

Emerald cut rings feature a long rectangular shaped diamond, with a flat top, and are usually created using one single baguette cut either side of the main gemstone in a series of graduated diamond steps. For something that is a little different, the tapered emerald is wider at only one end and makes highlights the central gemstone.

We offer diamond shapes very similar to this soon to be very popular trend and we suggest looking for an emerald ring. Alternatively, marquise diamonds offer the longer slender shape but with tapered ends to achieve the same effect.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Trend 6 - Nature inspired

The source of much inspiration comes from the art and design that's all around us, so it is no surprise that when it comes to jewellery there are some nods to nature - and 2018 is to be a big year for embracing this trend. Nature provides intricate patterns, floral motifs and colours. Floral engagement rings are perfect for those who love the outdoors - they’re usually very detailed pieces that reflect natural beauty.

This is becoming a popular trend because more and more couples want something that is not only unique but that is going to reflect a person’s personal preferences and say something about their style. Not only that, but the trend for environmentally conscious and eco-friendly jewellery also comes into play. From delicate designs to heavy and gothic, there is a style for everyone, whether it be a twisted metal that represents vines or hand engraved patterns.

Vintage style rings are ideal for embracing this trend, as the bands usually feature these strong designs and have a flair for the flamboyant.

Vintage Engagement Rings

No two diamonds are exactly alike, as they are cut into a variety of different shapes, each with their own unique traits and personalities. But we do know engagement rings are forever, so it’s important you get every aspect of it right. With this in mind, take inspiration from the trends listed above and browse the Diamonds Factory website to find the perfect ring.


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