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10 Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

23rd February 2016

by Amey M

If you're considering jewellery as a present, we’ve got you covered with some ideas that have long been great gifting products for mother’s day in particular. The key is to find something that fits your mum’s personality and style. And don’t forget to build up the surprise to the gift really well; as the whole experience of giving the gift is just as important as the gift itself. 

1. Diamond Stud Earrings

As one of our most sold products, the classic stud design is appreciated by everyone. It’s really down to the fact that the design lets you see as much of the diamond as physically possible, giving it that signature resonant shine.

Diamond Stud Earrings

2. Diamond Halo Studs

If you’ve got the mother who wants nothing but extravagance and glamour, definitely consider the halo design. With a row of smaller diamonds surrounding a sparkling centre diamond, you’ll absolutely shock her with a grand gift that will look like it was destined for the red carpet. 

Diamond Halo Earrings

3. Delicate Earrings

Shapes, shapes and more shapes. The “delicate” earrings name comes from the fact that they’re delicately designed into more exotic shapes. Disrupt the flow by giving mum a set of chic diamond earrings that show some daring spirit. 

Delicate Earrings

4. Cluster Pendants 

Some jewellers just can’t resist; they’ll put diamonds all over the design. The cluster pendants are a great balance between subtlety and glamour. Mum might be hard pressed to find something as glittery in her jewellery box when you hand these ones over.

Cluster Pendants

5. Minimalistic Pendants

Individual designs are great, and are a way to stand out from the normal in order to give mum something really unique which she can show her friends. The delicate swirls and lines of these pendants feel lovely and dreamy, perfect for those mums who just love soft and nature-inspired designs. 

Designer Pendants

6. Journey Pendants 

With a gradually enlarged design, showing a “journey” from beginning to end that symbolises a journey with three stones, symbolising past, present and future. While rather dramatic and sentimental, it would fit more sensitive types of people. 

Journey Pendant

7. Full Eternity Rings

These are great for adding an additional stack to existing wedding rings or an engagement ring. It’s a pretty nice surprise to offer mum another ring that she can proudly wear and adds great shine to her hand. 

Full Eternity Rings

8. Half Eternity Rings

A great alternative to the full eternity ring, the half eternity features the same designs but made only halfway; this means they are naturally more durable and more importantly they can be resized. 

Half Eternity rings

9. Fashionable Designs

Keep her in the loop with interesting and modern designs that will inspire her to keep a fashionable streak. 

Diamond Fashion Rings

10. Tennis Bracelet

With pure luxury and a price to match, the tennis bracelet is an incredible gesture of love and goodwill. With a huge row of diamonds, if you’re looking for the show-stopper, this is it. 

Tennis Bracelet

If you liked any of these products, or would like to browse any of these ideas, head to our main site to have a browse.


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